What We Do

Holistic Resiliency Program Development
  • A comprehensive program based on operational best practices that moves teams seamlessly from preventing and preparing for business disruptions to emergency and crisis response, and then through business continuity.
  • Support materials may include full site resiliency plans, regional plans, leadership and crisis action team plans, badge cards, posters, electronic kiosk campaigns, and Employee Emergency Action Plans.
      Crisis Management Training and Testing
      • Design and implementation of Crisis Management programs based on ‘Prevent, Prepare, Respond & Recover’ methodologies.
      • Audits of existing programs and plans with recommendations for improvement.
      • Provision of training, exercises, and testing.
      Strategic Tourism Security Advice
      • Advice in support of governmental tourism protection initiatives, frameworks, and projects.
      • Travel risk management and counterterrorism initiatives.
      • Security risk assessment, threat intelligence, and management.
      Development of Security and Incident Response Programs & Training
      • Security training program design for all levels of the business.
      • Review established Incident Response documentation, training, and testing.
      • Provision of Management Action Plan for improvement.
      • Response exercise design and leadership.
        Strategic Security and Loss Prevention
        • Security risk assessments.
        • Threat awareness and management.
        • Counterterrorism programs.
        • Cybercrime awareness and prevention programs.
        • Vulnerability assessment and risk mitigation planning.
        • Review of facility management systems.
        • Post-assessment action plans and implementation follow-up.
        Security Design
        • Supporting new facility developments to ensure that appropriate security design is incorporated.
        • Focus on cost-effective security operations.
        • New project security assessments.
        • Design advice.
        • Plan review.
        • Provider liaison.
        • Pre-opening inspections.
        Security and Resilience Education Sessions
        • Subject matter expertise for workshops, seminars, and partnering events.
        Hospitality Security for Non‑security Professionals
        • Departmental threat indicator awareness training.
        • Risk mitigation in the workplace.
        • Job-specific response to indicators, threats and incidents.

        The Hospitality Security Hub

        Coming in 2022

        Collaboration and mutual support is vital for Security Professionals facing an increasingly dynamic and evolving security threat environment in an unstable world. A range of threat actors are developing increasingly complex methodologies to challenge the security of assets, people, business interests, and reputation. They are increasingly working together sharing capability and adding complexity and challenge. Therefore, effective Security Professionals must understand threat actors, their methodologies, intentions, and the vulnerability of their establishments to these threats. They must keep up to date with mitigation tactics, techniques and procedures; standing still in the security environment is not an option for a professional.

        A global online hub and knowledge sharing platform for Hospitality Security Professionals and those with hospitality security responsibilities. The goal of the HSHub is to support the development of security threat and risk management skills, build establishment resilience, and explore ways of enhancing security functions impact and standing in the wider business. Additionally, it seeks to provide a global space for security professionals to collaborate, share experiences, and share learnings across companies and borders to build a global team for common interests. Although the Community is moderated by NorthPoint, it is designed for its agendas to be driven by the needs of Community Members.

        • Monthly Hospitality Security Newsletters discussing current threat and security risk issues and events.
        • Online seminars and classes about important security issues that may arise that have significant impacts for the hospitality sector.
        • Access to important hospitality security documentation templates to assist in developing critical materials such as security strategies, policies and plans, crisis and incident responses plans, security training plans, security investigation and reporting documentation, security audit formats and security management action plans.
        • Global and regional chat rooms for Community Members to collaborate and support each other.
        • Access to information about security products and the opportunity to communicate with security providers and services.
        • Recruitment space for hospitality career opportunities.
        • Hospitality Security Officer Training Course, Hospitality Security Supervisor Training Course, Crisis and Incident Management Course, Establishing Operation Security Threat Intelligence Operations, and many more.
        • On-line seminars and training will be supported by periodic webinars to help learners to achieve their best performance.

        The Hospitality Security Professional Community is unique in that it is largely directed by the requirements of its members to drive security capability and promote security agendas within the hospitality community. The Community provides a host of benefits including:

        • Keep up to date with hospitality security issues
        • Gain analysis of major hospitality security incidents
        • Find advice on operational security
        • Support your and your team’s professional development
        • Support your hospitality security colleagues
        • Share your experience and expertise
        • Access the Hospitality Security careers market
        • Benchmarking

        The Hospitality Security Professional Community is moderated by former Chief Security Officers of some of the world’s largest hotel groups with over 50 years’ experience delivering and directing hospitality security operations covering nearly 8,000 Hospitality establishments in over 100 countries. Being Hospitality Security Professionals themselves, they are uniquely placed to understand the challenges that fellow professionals face; they have broad and deep experience in providing intelligence and security advice and formulating security solutions merging physical, people, and technology approaches. Additional moderators include a cyber threat and crime expert and a training and delivery specialist. Armed with their experience, the moderators are forward looking and can help members engage effectively today’s and future threat and security challenges.

        Memberships at monthly, quarterly, and yearly rates will be available closer to the system launch.

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