The NorthPoint International team has been tried and tested, delivering solutions grounded in real-world situations and best practices.

Who We Are

With over 50 years’ combined experience, the founding partners of NorthPoint International have worked at the highest level of hotel security operations, responsible for over 8,000 hotels in 100 countries – including high risk locations. 

We understand the complexities of the hospitality business, from independent operations to the various forms of brand affiliation, and can provide bespoke support no matter where you sit in the matrix. In addition to our operational and corporate experience from the world of hotels and hospitality, the team also has expert knowledge gained through service in the military, intelligence, and diplomatic services.

Outside the hospitality sector, NorthPoint International also provides capacity-building in more specialist fields, including cyberterrorism, security intelligence operations, surveillance, human intelligence, and hostile surveillance disruption. Our partners have extensive experience in building the public and private partnerships necessary in a complex and challenging world. 


Security should not be a one-size-fits-all exercise. NorthPoint International’s approach is intelligence-led and threat-based, ensuring that security is delivered cost-effectively to match the current and potential threats, in line with the local context and culture. NorthPoint International also:

  • Considers physical and cyber threats jointly: being mindful that both are increasingly becoming merged and that consequently, physical security and cyber security need to be closely aligned to be effective.
  • Seeks to deliver security through the intelligent blend of People, Procedures and Technology to provide efficient security defense.
  • Is highly flexible and responsive to the client’s business model and budget. We pride ourselves on working closely with clients to build highly effective security and intelligence programs.
  • Delivers services that enable clients to build capacity and self-sufficiency.

Our Team

NorthPoint International partners have previously served in the public sector in roles with the military, intelligence, and diplomatic services, so we understand public and private sectors and are uniquely positioned to facilitate understanding, cooperation, and working to shared security objectives. We have experts with extensive experience in combating and responding to cybercrime and related serious and organised crime; NorthPoint International have experts in designing and delivering security, crisis management, and resilience training. Engagement of NorthPoint International gives clients the services of five highly experienced consultants working on their project but may also deploy other specialists as required.

David Langhorn MBE
Managing Partner, Senior Consultant
Paul Moxness
Managing Partner, Senior Consultant
Michelle Newcome
Managing Partner, Senior Consultant
Robert Ashington Pickett
Managing Partner, Senior Consultant
Mark Sanna
Managing Partner, Senior Consultant
David Osborn
Senior Consultant, Environmental Health and Safety

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