Michelle Newcome

Michelle Newcome

Managing Partner, Senior Consultant

Michelle excels in designing highly effective and comprehensive emergency response, security, and crisis management programs for complex facilities. With a background in franchise operations and two decades of experience helping Fortune 500 clients integrate their security protocols, emergency response guidance, and crisis management systems across a wide variety of facilities, Michelle brings a holistic perspective to the development of operationally useful programs and materials.

From store level emergency to central security operations center response guides to crisis management, Michelle’s programs and plans are designed to be usable and scalable across global organizations. Michelle also specializes in the use of technology to reduce cost and development of support tools for smartphones and tablets.

As Program Lead for the creation of a resiliency program for Facebook’s data centers, Michelle developed and tested teams from diverse geographical and professional backgrounds.
She worked closely with cross-functional teams representing security, facilities, EHS, ITDR, data security, and culinary teams to build a complete program. Michelle conducted over 70 tabletop exercises as part of this engagement.

In addition to her role as a Managing Partner for NPI, Michelle is the CEO of White Deer Group

Michelle speaks frequently about business resiliency to industry groups.