Mark Sanna

Mark Sanna

Managing Partner, Senior Consultant

Prior to his career in the private sector, Mark served as a Special Agent in the US Department of State Diplomatic Security Service (DSS). As a career Foreign Service Officer with over 20 years of extensive international security and law enforcement experience, he has a broad background managing complex international security programs and overseas operations, including liaison and technical assistance to local police and security officials. He has considerable experience in specialized in anti- crime and counter-terrorism operations. His DSS background includes extensive overseas experience and in-country resident assignments as the Diplomatic Security Attaché (RSO) in Frankfurt, Kuwait, Ankara, Beirut, and Moscow.

Subsequently, Mark was the Vice President for Global Security Operations with Hyatt Hotels and Resorts. He served in this role for more than a decade and was responsible for the strategic management of the company’s security programs and initiatives, and for all elements of security operations across the company to ensure the protection of the company’s guests, facilities, assets, operations and brands at over 750 hotels in more than 65 countries around the world. He has extensive practical knowledge and experience in the hospitality sector.

Prior to joining Hyatt Hotels, he was the Senior Director of Global Security Operations for Kraft Foods. In this role he was responsible for the security operations of the largest food company in the United States, and third largest global food company, to safeguard more than 100,000 company employees working at 3800 facilities in 148 countries around the world. He has broad knowledge and experience across the manufacturing and supply chain sectors.

In his role, Mark developed a comprehensive security awareness and traveler safety program to protect employees traveling to high risk destinations (e.g. raw materials acquisitions in Africa and South America), or who worked in high threat environments (such as in Mindanao, Philippines, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, Surabaya, Indonesia, etc. and more than 38 such locations around the world).

Before joining Kraft Foods, Mark was the Director of Global Strategic Assessments and Awareness Programs for Altria Corporate Services, Inc. (parent company for Philip Morris USA, Philip Morris International, Kraft Foods North America, Kraft Foods International, and Philip Morris Credit Corp). During his tenure he was responsible for managing the Department’s global security threat assessments and employee Security Awareness programs across each of the operating companies. Mark was also a Senior Management Consultant in the Government Consulting Services division of Electronic Data Services Corp. In addition to managing multiple consulting engagements, primarily in Business Process Reengineering (BPR) he was responsible for development of the Emergency Management & Services business line within the GCS. He has comprehensive experience designing strategic management systems, including technology architectures to support service deliveries and strategic systems integration. Additionally, has a broad background in organizational design and development, organizational logistics, and change management.